Finding Self-Worth

Sometimes we have the mindset of a seedling and forget that we are a tree in the making. Struggling with Self-Worth If you read my last pregnancy post, you'd know that I am on bedrest. Bedrest and C-section recoveries are extremely difficult for me because I have a tendency to displace where I put my [...]

Women, Let’s Stand Together! – My Reflections on the Supreme Court Ending the Constitutional Right to Abortion.

DISCLAIMER: I want to preface that this post is not going to intentionally pick a side, so please be patient with it. Like any blog of mine, I'm just throwing out some ideas and want people to think critically. Please, please, please keep that in mind when you comment and I ask that you read [...]

B is for Boobies

Although I'm only 22 weeks pregnant,  I'm obsessively thinking about breastfeeding. Recently, there has been a baby formula crisis due to one of the major formula companies closing one of it's major plants. There were 4 babies that got a bacterial infection and 2 babies died. Like most crisises, this one disproportionately affects minorities and [...]

Preparing For The Hot Chocolate 15K in Philadelphia

Photo by Magda Ehlers on One of the best tips for reaching a goal is making it measurable and time limited. The One Year No Beer Program challenged me to book a race. I knew that I wanted to do something fun and challenging. I chose to run the Hot Chocolate 15K. I did [...]

Media Trauma- My reaction to the 94th Academy Awards

Photo by RODNAE Productions: We should be able to watch television without being traumatized. Me and people all over the world were so excited to watch our favorite people in the film industry be awarded for their achievements. The programming was going excellently. The outfits were stunning, the nominations were close, and the performances [...]