Isn’t She Lovely- Jubilee’s Birth Story

The Pregame This story starts where the last post left off. In summary, I was hospitalized at my 34th week of pregnancy for preterm contractions and prodromal labor. Then I was the placed on bedrest with the intention of keeping our baby in the womb as long as possible. Every day mattered when it came [...]

Some Things Change… And Some Things Don’t

The sponge is what my uterus felt like for a minute ,every 10 minutes , for about... 2 days. It's difficult for me to remember the specifics of my pregnancies, but I do remember that the last few weeks are usually a hot mess. With Felicity, I literally couldn't function and had to leave work [...]

When you got the GLOW!- Recap of the first 2 trimesters

My belly if there were many of them and stacked up. Week 25! Woohoo! This pregnancy is flying. I can't say this enough: I don't remember much from the other pregnancies. Well, I remember, but it feels so new and as if this is my first. There are a lot of symptoms and moods that [...]

B is for Boobies

Although I'm only 22 weeks pregnant,  I'm obsessively thinking about breastfeeding. Recently, there has been a baby formula crisis due to one of the major formula companies closing one of it's major plants. There were 4 babies that got a bacterial infection and 2 babies died. Like most crisises, this one disproportionately affects minorities and [...]

The Chronicles of Conqueror Kitty! ( EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!)

Looks like my Daily Pill Routine... This one is for all the ladies with a vagina; AKA Private, Poom Poom, Coochy, Pussy, Vageen, Yoni, Va Jay Jay, Va Gee Gee, Vag, Hot Box, Cunt, Kitten, and other colorful terms that we know and love. I wanted to write this blog because I don't think we [...]

When Age Isn’t Just a Number

Looks like my Daily Pill Routine... I used to scoff at the term "geriatric pregnancy" before it was remotely a reality for me. I thought it was the worst term to describe a pregnancy. "Advanced maternal age" doesn't tickle my fancy either. I am... in a prehistoric pregnancy. I thought I planned it correctly. [...]

Excitement: The Saga Continues ( Start of Fourth Pregnancy Blog and Links to Other Pregnancy Blogs)

Week 10... It's amazing how much of a baby is formed by that time!!! I'm finally committing to starting this blog. Excitement : The Saga Continues is the fourth of my series of pregnancy blogs: Exciting Expectations, Excited Again, and More Excitement. I will use this blog as my main platform for blogging about my [...]

Preparing For The Hot Chocolate 15K in Philadelphia

Photo by Magda Ehlers on One of the best tips for reaching a goal is making it measurable and time limited. The One Year No Beer Program challenged me to book a race. I knew that I wanted to do something fun and challenging. I chose to run the Hot Chocolate 15K. I did [...]