Processing Loss

Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

“When I die, I’m going to come back as one of these. Or I chose the wrong tattoo.”

Gramma Tala

Kobe Bryant passing away felt like an old friend had died. Although we never met, I felt like I grew up with him. Yesterday, a youth minister from my childhood congregation passed away. It was another blow to myself and many. I am sure that others have experienced loss in some capacity in the last year, month, week, and day. Loss is as much of a part of life as gain and increase. I’ve been watching more movies lately because of my Disney obsession. I was previously a movie fanatic, but stopped because I didn’t perceive to have time for it. One of my favorite aspects of movie watching is the ability to view humanity and emotions as a third person. Loss, death, and darkness are in every movie to some extent. In Star Wars there are prophecies about restoring balance. However, it seems like something is wrong because the dark side keeps prevailing. Just as the dark side has its place in balance, loss and death do as well. I loved how in Moana the story was set up in a way that death, however devastating, was portrayed as beautiful and a vital part of the cycle of life. As I life longer, I will invariably be confronted with my own mortality and the death of others. It’s the double edge sword of longevity. It’s a blessing to die without fear and be confronted will peace when loss comes. May we all have that peace.