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Isn’t She Lovely- Jubilee’s Birth Story

The Pregame This story starts where the last post left off. In summary, I was hospitalized at my 34th week of pregnancy for preterm contractions and prodromal labor. Then I was the placed on bedrest with the intention of keeping our baby in the womb as long as possible. Every day mattered when it came […]

My Year of No Beer- Sprints 22 and 23

These blog posts document my journey of abstaining from alcohol for a year with the help of the One Year No Beer program.  Please feel free to comment because I know there are others that could benefit from hearing your voice as well. I would be thrilled if we could be on this journey together. […]

Finding Self-Worth

Struggling with Self-Worth If you read my last pregnancy post, you’d know that I am on bedrest. Bedrest and C-section recoveries are extremely difficult for me because I have a tendency to displace where I put my worth. If I’m honest, I find worth in being helpful and capable. I find worth in doing. However, […]

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