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It’s been a while since I’ve formally judged beer; at least a year. If you follow my blog, you know that I took the One Year No Beer (OYNB) challenge in which I abstained from alcohol to change my relationship with alcohol. The challenge was a success and at the end of the challenge, I […]

Stop Wasting Time

Over the course of my maternity leave, I have become incredibly aware of time. I appreciate how precious time is and how much I’ve taken it for granted. I believe most of us take time for granted despite it being one of our most precious and limited resources. Below, I’ve listed some of the ways […]

My Disney Vlog Obsession

I tell everyone I don’t watch television. That’s partially true. I don’t watch television, but I watch a lot of content on YouTube. My preferred content is Disney vlogs. Like anime, Disney vlogs are my escape. Anime is an escape because it presents life’s concepts in an alternate reality of heros, demons, chibis, and fighters. […]

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