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Our Journey Together

Running Again

My pregnancy and C section recovery took a toll on me that I would have never anticipated. When I finally started to walk around the house, it was difficult to get around. I had pain in my knees every time I used the stairs. This progressed to limping when walking anywhere. This was deeply troubling…

Weathering The Winter Blues

There are many factors that affect your mood. Did you know that the weather is a common cause for mood changes? During months  or seasons where there may be less sun, many people become more depressed. This phenomenon is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. When we are exposed to less sun, our bodies make less serotonin,…

2022 Year in Review Reflecting on the Past Year and Thinking towards the Future

This year has been exciting. Although I’ve been blogging for years, this was the first year that I thought of myself as a blogger and wanted to get myself out there. I got a new logo, created specific social media pages and put out more content. My goal was weekly posts and I managed to…

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